The Stage Management Programme (SMP) is established in 2015. This programme aims to provide UM students with practical skills and on-job training while studying so that they can gain more valuable working experience, professional skills and improve their competitiveness.

SMP trainees

  • Gain both theoretical training and hands-on production work experiences which encompass venue management, equipment maintenance, backstage and control room operation at Student Activity Centre.

  • Working knowledge of the technical aspects of theatre and other Student Activity Centre venues

  • Develops problem-solving skills and their ability to communicate and collaborate with various type of event organizers, stage performers and professional technicians.

  • Enhancing competencies by holding different events like team-building camp, field trip visit, tea meeting, training workshop etc

  • For outstanding trainees, they will be subsidized to the summer exchange programme. Through these, they can enrich their interpersonal relation, leadership skills and cultural engagement.

  • The training hours are flexible. Students can spend more time on campus if they have training inside campus, so that they can have more time to enjoy university life.

  • Professional training arranged by Student Affairs Office;
  • Opportunity to have training and working experience in stage, event and production;

  • Opportunity to build up self-esteem, maturity and interpersonal skills;

  • Enhance the competitiveness in the job market upon graduation.

Enchance Four Areas of Competencies:

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