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辦公室行政助理 – 參與日常辦公室營運的工作,包括行政、平面設計、前線服務,以及籌備各類學生活動。
Office administrative trainees – they are trained to assist in administrative work, frontline services, organizing activities, designing promotion materials, etc.

  • 前台接待 Reception

司儀組 – 學習成為具專業知識與經驗並重的活動司儀。
Masters of ceremony – they are trained to equip with the knowledge and responsibilities of being a professional emcee.

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活動親善大使 – 主要學習在正式場合接待嘉賓的禮儀和溝通技巧
Activity ambassadors – they are trained to receive guests and assist in ceremonies with professional etiquette and communication skills.

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提供培訓 Provide training

社交媒體專員 – 學習營運流行的社交媒體,包括內容編採、文案撰寫、與相關單位溝通及製作。
Social media planners – they are trained to run mainstream social media, including content planning, communication with relevant parties, and production skills.

內容制作 Content creating

營運社交媒體 Operate social media

主題規劃,文案創作 Content planning, copywriting

設計,排版,拍攝及剪輯 Design, typography, shooting, editing

提供培訓 Provide Training